How To Post Your Results

There are 2 ways to record your results.

  • Record manually with the option of uploading a screen shot.  

  • Get a "Verified Result" and qualify for age group awards by using the Runkeeper app. follow the steps below. 

  • You can also use a "Screen Shot" from your run to get a "Verified Result." You must run the full distance to qualify. 

  • Age group awards can be picked up at Running Room St. Paul when the results are official after January 1, 2021. 

After recording your results upload a fun picture and get the Reindeer Run overlay to share with friends. 

How to Get A Verified Results:

1. Download Runkeeper from app store in IOS or Android. You can race using your phone or a GPS watch (Garmin, Apple, etc.) that syncs with your phone and Runkeeper.  


2. Go to your Race Roster participant page to connect your race to the app. 

Reindeer Run participant page

3. Open your Runkeeper app and click explore to select your race.

  • Select track now to run your race with your phone.

  • Or select "Link Recent Activity" to link to a run that you have done previously. Use this if you run with a GPS watch that syncs with the app.  

4. Make sure your device is connected to the GPS before running. When you run your distance run a little over the actual distance to make sure that it fully completes the race. 

5. Your finish time will be automatically uploaded to the Reindeer Run Results page and will show the Runkeeper verified logo.  

6. The Runkeeper verified results qualifies you for the age group award pins. You can pick up your pin at Running Room St. Paul. Show your results at time of pick up for verification. We can also mail you your award for $6 contact us here.

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