RefeR Your friends and

make money!

Make money in these simple steps promoting the Holiday Challenge using Race Roster


  • Set up a "promoter link" in your Race Roster account and you will receive $5.00 for each person who uses your link to register.

  • Share your unique promoter link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, in an email, or on your blog.

  • When your friends link into the event by clicking on your unique promoter link - we'll know that you sent them and we will pay you for that. 

  • Start sharing your promoter links now. When your balance reaches the minimum amount, you'll get paid!  Promoters are paid out every two weeks, provided their balance owing is $15 or greater.


Here's how you get your promoter link(s)

  1. Click into your Race Roster dashboard 

  2. If you don't already have a Race Roster account, you can sign up for one at this point. 

  3. Select the "Add events" tab.

  4. Do a search for the events that you want to promote and then select them. 

  5. After selecting them, go to the "My Events" tab.  This is where you will find your event menu and the URL that appears beneath the event.  That's your promoter link! See photo below. 

  6. Share this link with your people and you will get paid when they register! 

  7. See the Tutorial Slide Show below at the bottom if you have any questions.

HEre Are Pics to share with your link



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