Frequently asked questions

General FAQs

Is there a course limit and/or pace requirement?

  • All MN Run Series races have a course limit, visit the “Race Day Info” portion of the event specific website for details.
  • Runners must finish within the event cut-off time, for half marathon and 10 mile distances this is a 16:00 min/mile (12:00 min/mile pace required for Reindeer Run 15K)
  • Runners who cannot keep this pace may be asked to move to the sidewalk and continue at their own risk.
  • Some races will have a bus that runners behind the cut-off time will be asked to board.

Can I have my bib mailed to me?

  • Mail my bib and shirt is available for a fee and can by added at any time. The mailing option closes approximatley 15-20 days before the event.
  • Packages are mailed out approximately 10-15 days before the race event and you will receive an email confirmation with tracking details once they have shipped. If you still haven’t received it on race day visit the help desk early in the morning for a new bib.
  • Mail my bib and shirt cannot be cancelled or refunded and is not transferable to a different participant or run series event. Please log into your participant dashboard to confirm you have the correct mailing address on file (address changes within 15-20 days of race event cannot be guaranteed).

Do I have to sign up for all challenge events now or can I do them one at a time?

You can sign up for ANY single event you’d like – there is no need to commit to all of the events at the same time. Once you have registered for the appropriate races or number of races your name is on the approrpaite list to pick up your items.

How do I determine my size for the race shirts and/or series gear?

We will have hoodies you can try on to determine your size at our events. These size charts can be used to determine your size ahead of time.

How do I create a team or join a team?

1. When runners register there is a section labeled - "Add participant 1 to a team" select "Yes, add this participant to a team already created by someone else." Then select the team name from the drop down list. 2. If the team name is not listed on a MN RUN Series list the team will need to be created. The runner that creates the team is the "Team Leader" and will be able to see who is registered for the team for that event. 3. If a runner that is already registered for a race but did not register for the team and needs to be added to the team they can log into their Race Roster participant dashboard and select "ADD TO TEAM"

I have questions about bib and shirt pick up.

  • Dates, times and location(s) for bib and t-shirt pick up are on the event webpage.
  • There is no race day bib pick up without purchasing Will Call.
  • Bibs/T-shirts can be picked up by someone other than the registrant, however, the person picking up other participant's packets assumes all responsibility for lost packets and timing chips (chips are attached on the back of bib) and will have to sign-out all race numbers that they are picking up. No ID required - please bring other participant’s transaction number from their confirmation email and if you have multiple pick ups a written list with names will help speed up the pick up process.
  • For an additional cost, you have the option to have your race packet mailed to you. You can select this option at the time you register or at a later date by logging into your participant dashboard. The mailing option closes approximately 15-20 days before the event.
  • T-shirts are on a first come first serve basis, if we run out of your size complete this form within 48 hours after the race event and we will get one sent out to you.
  • Unworn t-shirts can be exchanged on a first come first service basis at packet pick up locations or on race day.
  • If you forgot to pick up your shirt there is an $7.50 fee to have it shipped to you, subject to size availability, email us for more information.
  • Bibs must be worn on the front of clothing and be easy to identify.
  • Registrants can transfer their assigned bib to someone else for a $5 fee through After Visit our Transfer Policy & Instructions page for the step by step process. If the race is full or closed email us. If you have already picked up your race bib and shirt you can transfer your bib to another runner but you must email us to correctly assign the bib. The new runner can visit T-shirt exchange on race day with your shirt to exchange for their correct size from what’s available. This video will walk you through the transfer steps as well.

Course questions (signage, water stops, and turnarounds).

  • Participants are responsible for knowing the course, some races may have multiple distances on the same course. Be sure to know where your distance turns and where the water stops/aid stations are generally located.
  • Runners must stay on the designated run course.
  • Cutting the course or running off the designated path will result in disqualification.

How do I earn money by promoting races?

Check out this video for a how to on becoming a promoter within your Race Roster account. Promoters are paid out on, or around, the 15th of each month once their balance owed amounts to $25.00

What are my transfer options?

Visit our Transfer Policy and Instructions page.

Can I run with a stroller?

Strollers are allowed in MN Run Series 5K distances only (6K for the Turkey Trot) and will be in the last wave at the back of the corral. You will need to complete this waiver and we ask that extreme caution is used with a jogging stroller for the safety of all involved.

Are MN Run Series races dog-friendly?

Dog participants are only allowed at the Lola's Lake Waconia Dog Day 5K event. For more information visit the event specific FAQ page here. Dog spectators are welcome at MN Run Series events and must be leashed at all times during the event. Owner is responsible to clean up any waste the dog produces and dispose in the appropriate trash receptacle.

How do I confirm my registration?

You can confirm your registration(s) by logging into your participant dashboard.

What are the different series options, how do I sign up for them, and when do I get my gear?

Please click the links below for details on each challenge. 4 Plus Challenge Triple Challenge Holiday Challenge The series leaderboards are updated after each race. The Challenge participants are updated 48 hours before each race. As such you may not see your name immediately upon registering. Finalist pins can be picked up at the Running Room St Paul 1068 Grand Ave during store hours. Visit our awards page for additional information.

Where do I find out about race results, awards, and/or finisher medals?

Race Results - visit the race webpage and click the “Race Results” bar in the upper right.

  • Unofficial Results will be posted at 12:00pm on race day.

  • Changes and fixes to the results can be submitted within 24 hours after the event. Submit changes via the form link on the results page.

  • Official results will be posted at Noon on the Monday following the race event.

Awards - no awards are given on race day. Visit our awards page more information on the age groups, finisher pins, and pick up locations.

Finisher Certificate - to get your finisher certificate, click here, find and select your name, in upper right there will be a “Finisher certificate” link to download your certificate.

Finisher Medal - if you missed getting your medal at the race we can mail medals for the cost of shipping ($7.50/medal), email us for assistance.

Can I wear headphones?

Yes, although we recommend that you keep the volume at a level that will allow you to hear other runners, race officials, traffic, etc. BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS as several of the MN Run Series races are open to traffic.

Do I need to bring my own water and nutrition?

All MN Run Series races have water stops along the course with additional water and snacks at the finish line. Visit the event website and “Race Day Info” to review these locations on the course map. Participants are responsible for knowing the course.

Where does my registration money go?

At the MN Run Series, our mission is to produce “beautiful events that benefit the community”. With this, we support a variety of charitable organizations through the production of high-quality athletic events. In total, with the help of partners and runners, we raise over $250,000 per year that is distributed to our various charity partners. Meanwhile, the production of premium quality athletic events involve costs such as t-shirts and medals, rentals, food and water, park/permit fees, and equipment to name a few, much of which is committed and/or paid for months in advance of the actual event.

Is parking available at the races?

To see parking options visit the “Race Day Info” tab at the event website.

Are there restrooms along the race courses?

All MN Run Series races have restrooms at start/finish and along the course. Visit the event website and “Race Day Info” to review these locations on the course map. Participants are responsible for knowing the course.

Are the races closed to traffic?

Races closed to traffic for the duration of the race event include: Goldy's Run, Elm Creek, RBC Race for the Kids, MN Run Relay, Minneapolis Halloween Run, Turkey Trot, and Reindeer Run. Races NOT closed to traffic include: Lola's Lake Waconia. These courses are monitored by volunteers, cyclists, and police. We ask runners to be aware at all times and take extreme caution when on high traffic roads. PLEASE NOTE: When running on the shoulder of the road, PLEASE stay inside the white line, even if it means spreading out from fellow runners. The local police departments have made this request for the safety of the runners and traffic, so please abide by their rules. Running double file and triple file in most areas is acceptable. Be safe.

Why does my GPS watch show that I ran a longer distance?

MN Run Series races are run on USATF measured courses, but not USAFT certified. Please use this link for an explanation of why your watch might show a longer distance than a measured/certified course.

I have questions about the kids races.

  • There is no age minimum, all ages under 10 are welcome and encouraged to join.
  • Parents can accompany thier child/ren in the kids race. Only the child/ren should register for the race.

What is the weather policy?

  • MN RUN Series races will take place rain or shine. MN Run Series reserves the right to cancel events due to severe or extreme weather for participant and volunteer safety.
  • All severe/extreme weather updates will be posted to the front page of the race website.
  • Lighting within a 15 mile radius will postpone the start for 30 minutes.
  • In the event of a cancellation, refund of registration fees will not be possible.

Where can I order the MN Run Series medal holder?

You can get your very own MN Run Series medal holder right here!

How do I fundraise for a race event charity?

How can I become a Medical Volunteer for MN Run Series events?

Please visit our Medical Volunteer page for more information.

Does the MN Run Series need volunteers?

We're glad you'/your group is interested in volunteering with the MN Run Series! Visit our Group Volunteer page and complete the form to be contacted by our volunteer coordinator.

MN Run Series refund policy.

Visit our Refund Policy page.

Are costumes allowed at MN Run Series events?

  • Costumes are allowed in the MN Run Series Halloween, Turkey Trot & Reindeer Runs.
  • MN Run Series are family friendly and community inclusive events. Please choose costumes and clothing appropriate for this environment.
  • Costumes/clothing that go against a family friendly and community inclusive environment will need to be changed before participating in the event.

Goldy's Run

Can relay partners cross the finish together?

For safety reasons and capacity of runners entering the football field we cannot have 1st leg relay runners running with their partner onto the field. They can meet them at the finish though.

Lola's Lake Waconia

I hear Lola's has a Dog Day 5K, what do I need to know to bring my pup?

For the safety of all involved, Dogs must start in the "Dog Day Wave", which will start 5 minutes after the Lola's 5K Run event. Dogs must be leashed at all times during the event, but this also causes an increased tripping hazard among runners so please be aware of your surroundings at all times. Dogs must run a 12 min/mile pace or slower, any Dogs that finish faster than the 12 min/mile pace will be disqualified. Owners are responsible for cleaning up any waste the dog produces and dispose in the appropriate trash receptacle.

RBC Race for the Kids

What is allowed for the skating portion?

Only quads and blades are allowed, no roller skis, scooters, etc.

Ronald McDonald House/3-mile Family Walk

The walk is organized by the Ronald McDonald House. You can register for the 3 mile walk here.

MN Run Relay

How do I find a team?

You can fill out our team finder option here and we will do our best to match you up with a team. You can also join our Facebook page to connect with others.

How is the MN Run Relay and Marathon scored?

All team sizes will compete for an overall team time in categories of male, female and coed. The top 3 teams in each category will receive a placement pin. The marathon and 20 mile category will be scored based on overall time for male and female. The first place male and female will get an award at the finish line.

Can our team evenly split the distance and exchange outside of the relay zone?

Yes, teams are allowed to exchange outside of the official exchange zone as long as they cross the timing mat appropriately at the start and finish area. Each team is responsible for deciding where they want to exchange. You must exchange off of the running path. We recommend exchanging at mile markers, miles 1 – 5 will be marked.

I paid for the parking voucher, when/how will I get this?

Parking vouchers will be emailed out the Wednesday before the event.

Minneapolis Halloween Run

Are costumes required?

Costumes are note required but particpants are welcome to wear them!

Participants are responsible for knowing and following the MN Run Series Race Rules

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