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Week 1 - Lower Body (10 reps/3 rounds)


Sumo Squat

Step back lunges - 10 reps each side

Mountain Climbers (with paper plates/sliders) - 10 reps each side

Reverse ab crunches

Ab prep crunches


Upper Body (3 rounds)

Plank (30 sec)

Rolldown with walkout pushups - 3 reps

Bird dogs - 10 reps each side

Tricep Plank (30 sec)

Tricep dips with hip raises - 10 reps


Week 2 

Lower Body (10 reps each side/3 rounds)

Side step out squat

Curtsey squat

Sumo squat with heel raises 

Bridge with 1 leg lower and lift


Scissors with obliques


Upper Body (10 reps/3 rounds)

Plank with shoulder taps

Plank with pike up (paper plates needed)

Tricep pushups

Forearm plank with rotation

Side plank with hip dips


Week 3

Lower Body (10 reps each side/3 rounds)

Plie squat with progression to heels lifted

Step forward lunges with progression to rotation

Mountain climbers with progression to knees to elbow and knee to opposite armpit

Bicycle with progression to obliques



Upper Body (10 reps/3 round)

Swimming progression

Plank with rotation

Side plank with knee

Tricep plank with knee raise

Plank to forearm train


Week 4

Lower Body (10 reps/3 rounds)

Bridge with walkout and in

Step back lunge with knee raise

Squat with knee raise

Clamshells with progression

Prone heel squeeze with knee lift


Upper body (10 reps/3 rounds)

Plank with jack jumps

Breast stroke preps with progression

Plank with pike up and toe touch

Knee pull progression

Rolling like a ball progression


Week 5

Lower body (10 reps each side/2 rounds)

Side lying legs progression

Bridge with 1 leg circles

Squat with 1 leg semi circle (paper plate)

Sumo squat heel raise train

Romanian dead lifts

Step up with leg extension


Upper body (2 rounds)

Plank (1 minute)

Side plank press ups (5 each side)

Side kick (10 reps each side)

Plank with leg pull (10 reps each side)

Breast stroke (10 reps)


Week 6 (2 rounds)

Lower body

Wall sit (30 sec)

Hip roll with 1 leg pulse (3 each leg)

Clamshell progression (10 each side)

Lunge progression (10 each side)

Side leg lift with pulse progression (10 each side)

Heel lift with pulse progression (10 each side)


Upper Body (2 rounds)

Plank (1 min)

Mountain climbers with arm to knee progression (10 each side)

Roll up with saw progression (10 reps)

Side plank with hip dip and flexion (10 reps each side)

Bird dog plank (10 reps)