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*Participants are responsible for knowing and following Race Rules. Race Rules are subject to change and updates.


  • Refunds are only available if requested within 48 hours of registration and do not include the processing fee.

  • After that time registrations can be transferred: to a shorter distance, to another participant, or to a virtual format.



  • Registration and waiver completion is required in order to participate in MN Run Series events.

  • Bandits (a runner who is not registered) are not allowed and will be directed to leave the course, and banned from other MN Run Series events.


  • No athlete shall be permitted to participate in any MN Run Series event without the appropriate bib number that was assigned to them.

  • Bibs must be worn on the front of clothing and be easy to identify.

  • Running with someone else’s bib is prohibited and could result in a ban from future MN RUN Series events.

  • Registrants can transfer their assigned bib to someone else through

  • Selling assigned race number to another participant is prohibited and could result in a ban from future MN Run Series events.


  • Participants are responsible for knowing the course.

  • Runners must stay on the designated run course.

  • Course will be marked and volunteers and officials will be on the course.

  • Cutting the course or running off the designated path will result in disqualification.


  • Runners must finish within the event cut-off time. 

  • Half marathon and 10 mile = 16:00 min per mile. 

  • Runners who cannot keep this pace may be asked to move to the sidewalk and continue at their own risk. 

  • Some races will have a bus that runners behind the cut-off time will be asked to board. 


  • MN Run Series events are conducted in public places-either city parks or streets. All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner.

  • Urinating/defecating anywhere other than the provided toilet facilities is strictly prohibited.

  • For the safety of all participants, be aware of your surroundings.

  • Don’t run in groups of three or more abreast. Run single file when races are on bike paths.

  • Don’t stop abruptly (ex. to drink at an aid station or to tie shoelaces).

  • Watch where you spit and blow your nose to avoid hitting other participants.

  • Don’t take pictures/selfies where they block/affect other participants on the course.

  • Be aware when discarding cups at aid stations so as to avoid hitting other participants.

  • Deposit waste, compost, and recycling in the provided and appropriate receptacles, including at aid stations.

  • Dogs are not allowed on MN Run Series race courses.

  • MN Run Series are family friendly and community inclusive events. Please choose costumes (Halloween Half, Gray Ghost, Turkey Trot & Reindeer Run) and clothing appropriate for this environment. Costumes/clothing that go against a family friendly and community inclusive environment will need to be changed before participating in the event. 


  • MN RUN Series races will take place rain or shine.

  • MN Run Series reserves the right to cancel events due to severe or extreme weather for participant and volunteer safety. 

  • All severe/extreme weather updates will be posted to the front page of the race website.

  • Lighting within a 15 mile radius will postpone the start for 30 minutes.

  • In the event of a cancellation, refund of registration fees will not be possible.

For additional frequently asked questions please visit 

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