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MN Run Series Group Volunteers


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the MN Run Series!

Our races wouldn't be possible without the help of our volunteers. Please read through the guidelines/requirements for all MN Run Series volunteers.

  • Age Requirements

    • Volunteers must be 10 years or older. An adult (18+ years) must be with your group at all times.

  • Time Requirement

    • Typical time requirement is approximately 3-4 hour-shifts. You will receive your assigned time from our Volunteer Coordinator.

    • It is expected that you show up on time and fulfill the time requirement and task.

  • Volunteer Tasks

    • It takes a lot of volunteers to make our events a success! Volunteer assignments range from assisting at the start/finish line, managing water stations, assisting with post-race refreshments, setup and cleanup duties, etc. You may be asked to lift items 20+ lbs.​

  • Volunteer Groups

    • Volunteering with a group is a fantastic team-building experience that helps runners achieve their fitness goals. Your support and encouragement go a long way!

    • Volunteer groups should designate 1-2 Team Captains to be the line of communication between the MN Run Series Volunteer Coordinator and your volunteer group.​

    • Team Captains will receive full race-day instructions the week of the race to share with your volunteer group.

    • Team Captains must take attendance on event-day.

    • The MN RUN Series gives priority to groups that helped out the previous year. We try to confirm all positions 30 days prior to a race. 

  • Group Volunteer Donations

    • If your group is a non-profit group, we will make a donation to your group based on the number of volunteers in your group. Donations will be made directly to the volunteer organization, not individual volunteers.

    • Groups with 10+ volunteers may receive a bonus.

    • We do not pay businesses, individuals or groups who are receiving credit for volunteer hours.

  • Items to Consider

    • Dress for the weather! Our events are outdoors so bring hats, rain gear, warm jackets, gloves, sunglasses, etc. when appropriate

    • All volunteers must register on the volunteer sign up page prior to volunteering.

    • We do not provide volunteer t-shirts. The money saved goes toward benefiting non-profit groups involved in the race and community.




If your group is interested in volunteering with a MN Run Series event,

please complete the Volunteer Interest Form.

MN Run Series Volunteer Liability Waiver


Please contact Caleb Olsen, Director of Operatons, with questions.

Special thanks to our 2023 Group Volunteers!

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