Group Volunteer Requirements


Thank you for your interest in volunteer for the MN Run Series. Please read through the requirements and fill out the form below


  • Groups need to designate one or two Team Captains to communicate with Volunteer Coordinator. Captains are in charge of making sure their group fully understands the instructions for their volunteer area.

  • Volunteer Captain must take attendance of volunteers on event day with the Attendance Sheet provided.

  • All volunteers must register on volunteerspot before the race.

  • Volunteers must wear volunteer Hi Visible vest while volunteering.

  • We do not hand volunteer T-Shirts. The money saved goes toward benefiting non-profit groups involved in the race and community. 


Age Requirement: An adult of 18 years or older must be with volunteer group at all times, no volunteers under 10 years of age.


Group Volunteer donations: If your group is a non-profit we will make a donation of $20.00 per volunteer up to the amount of volunteers needed. Additional volunteers will not receive a donation. The check will be made to the non-profit group and not individuals.


We do not pay businesses, individuals or groups that are receiving credit for volunteer hours.


It is expected that you show up on time and fulfill the time requirement and task.


You are expected to read through any instructions for race day, contact me beforehand with any questions.You will be emailed detailed instructions for your group the week of the race. Please be sure to communicate this with your group


To receive credit and your donation, take a picture of your attendance sheet after all volunteers have signed in and email it to both the volunteer coordinator at and Corinne at


If there is a particular area that your group can fill, please let me know so that I can reserve the entire area for your group.


What your group will receive:


  • An awesome team building experience and the satisfaction of helping others (runners) achieve their fitness goals. Remember that your support and encouragement go a long ways!


Other things to consider:

  • Dress for the weather! These are outdoor events i.e. raincoats, gloves, hats etc.

  • Snacks and food are not always provided, it is important to plan ahead if you want to bring food.

Any other questions, feel free to contact: Liz Danley