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MN RUN Series Updates

Heidi Knight ran the 2019 Triple Challenge and the Summer 26.2 Challenge

Heidi Knight shares some of her highlights from 2019.

MNRS: How many races did you do in 2019?

Heidi: 11

MNRS: What inspires you to run?

Heidi: Running keeps me healthy, clears my mind, allows me to be in nature, gives me the chance to meet other runners.

MNRS: When did you start running?

Heidi: I started running in college to get time to myself.

MNRS: What is one of your most memorable race experiences?

Heidi: The first time I ran Boston Marathon! It was incredible and I’m going again in April 2020!

MNRS: Do you have any advice for others?

Heidi: Running is a great exercise that does not require much equipment - just good shoes. You can also do it almost anytime and anywhere as long as you feel safe. And it certainly does not need to be competitive - just have fun!

Heidi Knight after the 2019 RBC Race For the Kids Half Marathon with the Triple Challenge Award and 26.2 Challenge pin.


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