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MN RUN Series Updates

Annalee got 1st place in her age group at Goldy's Run

Annalee was the first place finisher in the age group 19 and under. We caught up with her after the race.

MNRS: How was your race?

A: Better than I expected! I felt really good and beat my goal of finishing at 1.20 min!

MNRS: What was your favorite part?

A: My favorite part was within the first block of running, I heard someone cheer my name and it was my older sister who surprised me and came to watch!

MNRS: What is your goal for 2019?

A: To complete a triathlon! Last year my goal was to run a half marathon and I did it!

MNRS: When did you start running?

A: I didn’t start running longer distances until last summer when I started to train for my first half marathon! Ever since then, I have learned to love it!!

MNRS: What inspires you to run?

A: My older sister inspires me to run! She is an all American collegiate runner! She makes all of my training plans! I love running with her!


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