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MN RUN Series Updates

Ashley age 19 won her age group for the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon

Ashley Haxton won her age group of the 19 and under division for the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon. The MN RUN Series asked her some questions about running.

MNRS: How was your Race?

Ashley: The Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon was my third half marathon, and I was extremely impressed by the landscaping and organization of the event. Overall, I was beyond happy with my race because I achieved my goal of beating my dad's best half marathon time and also finished the race with a new personal record.

MNRS: What was your favorite part?

Ashley: My favorite part of the race was the scenery and large population of runners. Being able to run next to several lakes with so many other passionate runners made the race very enjoyable.

MNRS: What is your goal for 2019?

Ashley: My goal for 2019 is take advantage of opportunities where I can improve as well as help those around me improve. I want to eventually run a full marathon, a triathlon, the Spartan Race, the 50K Afton Trail Run, and the list goes on.

MNRS: When did you start running?

Ashley: When I was in sixth grade, my physical education teacher told me that I should look into running cross country. I took her advice and started running consistently when I joined both cross country and track in seventh grade. Since then, I have not stopped running and know that I will continue running for the rest of my life.

MNRS: What inspires you to run?

Ashley: I read an article by a runner named Laura Weisberger titled "That's Why I Run", and while the whole article is phenomenal, the following quote inspires me and seems to really capture a runner's mentality: "Running is about the time during the race when your mind wanders to your own special world where no one can reach you or touch you, where you're able to break down the barriers you never even knew existed, experience pain that you've never felt before, and feel the determination, the tenacity, the pure and simple commitment to yourself for success."


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