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MN RUN Series Updates

Claire Trujillo was 1st in her age group and the 2nd place overall runner of Goldy's Run 5K.

We caught up with her after the race to hear more of her story.

MNRS: How was your race?

C: The Goldy’s Run Race was a lot of fun! I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy student at Concordia University, and several classmates and I participated as a team. It was great to work together outside of the classroom toward a worthy cause.

MNRS: What was your favorite part?

C: I enjoyed the opportunity to open up my stride during the 5k and get in some faster running. It’s been awhile since I’ve raced, so I tried to soak in the atmosphere and savor having so many people around to run with. I tried to remain quick but smooth, which is an exhilarating feeling. My favorite part, however, is always the cool down. The combination of endorphins, accomplishment, and low-stress enjoyment of the act of running is unparalleled.

MNRS: What is your goal for 2019?

C: My main goal for 2019 is to remain uninjured and continue to enjoy running and cross-country skiing. I’d love to run a marathon or a long trail race and complete the American Birkebeiner, but simply training provides plenty of satisfaction.

MNRS: When did you start running?

C: I started running during high school in Alaska. It’s hard not to love it when surrounded by encouraging teammates and breathtaking trails. I then ran cross country and track at Carleton College for four years, where I learned that even outside of Alaska, running is pretty fun.

MNRS: What inspires you to run?

C: I’m inspired to run because the act of running is one of my favorite feelings, but also because of all the lessons it has taught me. Through running I have gained friends, physical and mental strength, perseverance, and confidence. I’ve learned to respect my body, handle stress and disappointment, be a good teammate, separate my worth from my performance, and set high goals. Running is such a beautiful metaphor for life; there will be obstacles to overcome and it often isn’t easy, but endurance through these challenges is powered by joy.

Claire running in Alaska


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