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Jason got 2nd place overall at the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon

Jason Acosta got 2nd place overall at the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon and won his age group. The MN RUN Series caught up with him to hear his story about running.

MNRS: How was your race?

Jason: I crushed my goal of breaking 1:15 and set a PR of over 4 minutes for the half marathon. So I'd say it went really well.

MNRS: What was your favorite part?

Jason: It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed the course. I ran solo the entire race, but the crowd support was helpful. I also enjoyed a delicious croissant at Bellecour after the race.

MNRS: What is your goal for 2019?

Jason: My goal for 2019 is to continue chipping away at my marathon PR. I want to run in the mid 2:30s and place in the top 3 at the Manitoba Marathon in June. In the fall my goal is to run in the low 2:30s at the Chicago Marathon.

MNRS: When did you start running?

Jason: I started running in 2015 as part of an effort to live a healthier. I ended up losing 25-30 lbs and my health improved significantly. Along the way I discovered that I had some natural ability. A year and a half later I ran my first marathon in a time of 2:51:46 at the Twin Cities Marathon. From that point on a became committed to try and reach my potential as a runner.

MNRS: What inspires you to run?

Jason: There is a great community of runners at Mill City Running who have encouraged and inspired me to run. I am motivated to reach my goal of breaking 2:30 and to realize my potential as a runner. I also find running to be meditative. It allows my mind and body to relax when I am feeling stressed.

Jason Acosta Finishing 2nd place overall at the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon


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