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MN RUN Series Updates

650 Kids run with the MN RUN Series each year.

Each year the MN RUN Series has over 650 kids between the ages of 2 - 10 race in their kids race events. There are 4 races for the kids to do with distances up to a half mile. The kids finish through the same finish line as the adult runners. This is a great way to get kids into an active lifestyle at an early age. As a parent of 2 kids that have participated in Goldy's Run, I can attest to how exciting it is for them to run the race. My 4 year old talks about Goldy's Run all the time and often practices during the off season. My 2 year old wasn't quite sure what to expect. He showed up to Goldy's Run and was very serious and focused the whole race. After the run he was so excited and he wore his finisher medal for the next two days. We hope your kids will have the same experience. This year kids will get a finisher medal, a drawstring bag and 2 Nickelodeon Universe Mystery Tickets with their race entry. Here is the line up of races for 2019:

Parents are able to run with their kids in the race

MN RUN Series Staff Caleb with his 2 Goldy's Gallop finishers

Off to a fast start at Lola's Lake Waconia Race

3, 2, 1 Go!! At the RBC Race For the Kids

Kids finishing strong at the RBC Race for the Kids


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